Microwave Oven

A smart way to make healthy food

  • Professionals using microwave oven know the value of a healthy and quality time. They engaged in valuable work need most of the time from his life to invest in work, spending quality time with his family, friends and off course in solo to plan a better future.                                           
  • A modern housewife have to do everything for her family members in her home, simultaneously she is the queen too. Making varieties of delicious and nutritious dishes is one of the reasons for a happy home.               
  • A bachelor making healthy meals with microwave oven saves his money, time and energy which best required for his study.
it is super easy to prepare nutritious and delicious food with microwave oven

Select your food with available ingredients

Mix them in a defined ratios.

Put the container inside the oven

Set required temperature and time

Go for brush , shower or clothing

Your food is ready to eat

Choosing a Microwave Oven

Various Microwave Ovens are available in the market on the basis of uses and features

Microwave Ovens on the basis of uses

  • Solo microwave oven: It is the simple basic microwave oven that reheats, cooks and defrosts.   
  • Grill microwave oven: It serves as a solo with an additional feature of the grill. 
  • Convection microwave oven: It serves more than solo and grill bakes roast, brown and crips the food.

Additional Features with Microwave Ovens 

  • Single oven and twofold oven, 

  • Customary and  Convection, 

  • Time-based Cooking and programmed modes.

We are here to make it simple when choosing your new oven.

The twofold oven enables you to cook two dishes at various temperatures. The little oven situated on the top, pre-warms quicker than the lower oven. This is great for when you’re running late or simply need that speedy late-night nibble. The main oven has a base element for preparing and an element on the top for searing. Convection is an additional fan on the back liner of the oven (inside the cabinet). This fan moves the warmed air ceaselessly all through the oven provided by the bake and cook element. Convection enables the oven to cook all more rapidly, equally, and effectively, with fewer temperature changes. Your baked products are equitably seared on each rack, and enormous meals become delicious. 

The second kind of convection is known as European or genuine convection. In European convection, an extra warming element encompasses the fan, giving significantly progressively notwithstanding cooking, and even better, no flavor moves from numerous nourishments being cooked simultaneously. The fundamental wire rack will slide out along edges on the oven dividers and stretch out around 3/4 of the way. They expand totally, enabling simpler access to your baked products. Full expansion roller skim racks have roller orientation that floats easily in and out regardless of how much weight you have on them. A few ranges even have part oven racks that flip off the beaten path, giving snappier access to taller things and greater oven designs. The base cabinet is a great spot to store pots, dishes spread, and treat sheets. Today, modern makers have added extra highlights to these drawers. A portion of these drawers really has a bake mode that can arrive at temperatures as high as 450 degrees. This enables you to bake two things all the while at two unique temperatures. It is, in any case, a great method to keep sustenance warm so that everything is served hot and simultaneously. At the point when Sabbath mode is chosen, a foreordained temperature is accomplished and kept up. It additionally abrogates the standard six or 12-hour programmed shutoff, all presentation lighting, oven signals, most control cushions, and the convection fan will likewise be deactivated.

You may have the question:  For what reason do they call it Sabbath mode?

The answer is : On certain occasions, nourishment might be cooked, yet turning the warmth on is restricted.

Customized microwave ovens:

Generally, not prefered yet the brief information worth it.

  • Over the range microwave: It installed over the stove, a combo of ventilation unit and microwave to save kitchen space.
  • Combi with Steam: Some advanced microwave also features steam providing four in one cooking functions. 
  • Built-in or integrated: Customised design to free up kitchen spaces can fit with kitchen drawers may consist of any kind of feature from simple to advanced.

Power saving tips for your microwave oven

Smart consumers use the warmth option to cook their dishes in microwaves oven,  when just a dash of warmth would have been sufficient.

Definitely  you need to control your electricity usage, by using some simple steps as referenced beneath that won’t let you compromise on the taste of your dishes yet can speed up enormous savings on electric bills.

  1. Use less time for cooking: You can save on your vitality usage by keeping your cooking time down. Simple steps like defrosting food kept in the fridge before cooking, using a base pre-heat time, not using heat-blocking foil on the racks, not looking in from time to time and so forth can assist you with controlling your electricity usage.
  2. Cooking numerous portions (if possible): is one more smart thought as opposed to cooking small amounts. This way, you will simply need to re-heat the food and not cook it once more.
  3. Use power-saving productive devices: When contrasted with an ordinary oven, 20% less electricity is used by a convection oven. Once more, using a toaster oven can cut down your vitality usage by about half, while a microwave lets you save almost 66% on your vitality usage. So, using your microwave at whatever point you can instead of the customary oven helps you cut down your electricity bills. Regardless of whether you have to cook dishes, heat the leftovers, or defrost a solidified thing, have a go at using your microwave.
  4. Use your oven to the ideal: To ensure that all the warmth and space in your oven is put to use, it’s advisable to cook as much as possible in one go. Different steps like bubbling potatoes before roasting, using clay or glass utensils that need a lower temperature for cooking, cutting food into smaller pieces, inserting stainless steel skewers into joints of meat and prepared potatoes to speed up the cooking process and so forth can also help you in vitality productive cooking. Killing your electric oven ten minutes before the part of the bargain time is one more step that can assist you with saving on your electricity bills.
  5. Proper food game plan in the microwave: Avoid heaping up food inside the microwave as it won’t permit legitimate cooking and even consume greater electricity. On the off chance that you have to cook numerous pieces without a moment’s delay, you can mastermind the pieces around where thicker pieces are put toward the edge and meager pieces toward the focal point of the dish.
  6. Use the base cooking time in microwave: Most dishes have a perfect time range to get cooked. It’s advisable to use the base cooking time to cook food and check if it’s finished. You can always keep cooking for undercooked food. Be that as it may, in the event that you overcook the food, you can’t effectively salvage the dish.

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